Goldilocks and the three bears

In literacy, we read the story and used our sounds to help the bears find Goldilocks by writing our own wanted posters. We received a letter from the police on Wednesday and they told us that people had seen our wanted posters and sent us pictures of where she had been spotted. We then wrote down where she had been seen and sent our writing to the bears to help them find Goldilocks.

On Friday, the bears sent us an email to say that Goldilocks had been in touch and was very sorry for everything she had done and wanted to make things better. The bears asked us for some ideas as they could not think of any. We said she could make more porridge, fix the furniture she broke, tidy up the mess she made, say sorry and make some chocolate cake. We then wrote our ideas down in a letter that we sent to the bears.

In phonics, we learnt the new sounds y, z, zz and qu. We practised blending and writing words containing these sounds. We read sentences on the board and we also wrote sentences to describe the pictures we could see on the board.

In maths, we looked at capacity. We had some empty bowls and we had to work out which ones would be for baby, mummy and daddy bear. We said that baby bear should have the bowl that contained the least amount of porridge. We decided that the best way to check the capacity of our bowls would be to fill them up and count the number of spoonfuls it took until they were full.

We then looked at using water and bottles. We had different sized containers and we had to predict and then test which bottles would hold the least and the most amount of water. Some of us were surprised at the results, as we found out that the tallest bottles didn’t always hold the most amount of water.

In topic, those of us who had wellies, went to the forest school area with Miss Allinson, and the rest of us looked at different types of bears. We spoke about which bears were our favourites and why. In our art topic lesson we looked at the techniques you need to make clay bowls. We spoke about which bowl we would like to make and why. We then made our bowls for either, baby, mummy or daddy bear.

In RE, we started our new topic of ‘Who made the wonderful world?’ We went through our special folders earlier on in the day with an adult and we chose a piece of work that was special to us. During the lesson, we sat in a circle and took turns to show each other our special piece of work and say why it was precious to us.

On Thursday, we took part in a space drama workshop. We were told that we had to go into space to perform a top secret mission. To prepare for this super important mission we practised breathing techniques, we got dressed into our spacesuits and practised walking in space. We were then ready to blast off! During our journey into space, we looked through our telescopes and binoculars to see what was out there, one child saw the moon. We sang a song about space and had lots of fun…BUT….we were not alone….we had to be careful of the cruel commander. Can you remember what we had to do when we saw him? In the end, we tricked him and ate all of his chocolate cake when he was not looking! Hooray!

This is some of what we did during our continuous provision.


We painted with forks to make bears and we also made Goldilocks. We used a variety of resources to make houses for the three bears; I am sure the bears would love to live in all of your great houses.

Finger gym:

We used tweezers to pick up the numbered bears that had fallen into the porridge, we used pipettes and orange water to fill the dots, we cut out items from the story and some children ordered them. We also pegged different sized clothing onto the washing line.


We measured porridge using cups. We also filled up different shaped and sized containers to see which ones held the least and most amount of water. We used the vocabulary associated with capacity. We also weighed different objects.


We wrote on our new light box, we wrote about the story, we described Goldilocks, we wrote a police report on what we had discovered so far regarding the whereabouts of Goldilocks and we wrote alternative endings to the story. Some of us chose to write about our monsters from last week.


We practised our letter formation, added some objects to our porridge bowls and wrote the word on our spoons, we wrote down what we could see in the picture, we played match and spell, read words on spoons and key words on porridge bowls.


We found the hidden numbered bears around the classroom, we estimated how many bears were in the bowl of porridge and wrote our estimates down and we played a game with our friends, we took turns to roll the dice and the first one to make a tower using 20 cubes won.

We also did this:


The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Happy New Year!

This week we started our new topic – Once upon a time. The first fairy tale we looked at this week was ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

In literacy, we read the story on the board and joined in. We spoke about what happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. We looked at words to describe the goats and the troll. We then used our sounds to write a sentence to describe the troll.

In phonics, we learnt the new key words he and she. We played a game where half of us had pictures and half of us had words that we had to read. We then had to match the words to the pictures. We then swapped over so we all had an opportunity to read a word. We then read some sentences on the board.
We also practised blending words, writing words and writing sentences. We also played cvc word bingo.

In maths, we looked at addition. Some children were goats and we had to add together the number of boy goats and girl goats that were on the bridge. We then made the corresponding number sentence. We also looked at different pictures of trolls and we had to add up how many in total were under the two bridges.

In topic, we spoke about what bridges are used for. We looked at some famous bridges in London and then we looked at some crazy bridges from around the world. We spoke what bridges are made of and which materials would be best to make a bridge. We said bricks and metal would be good because they are strong and cotton wool, sand and paper would not be good materials.

This is what we did during our continuous provision:

We painted trolls, made paper plate goats and trolls and we made collages of scenes from the story using different materials.

Finger gym:
We put animals onto the bridge using tweezers, we pegged the right number of legs onto the monsters and we painted rainbow bridges using cotton buds.

We did lots of adding activities this week. We used play dough on our addition mats, we used the adding machine to help us work out the answers to our addition problems and we also had to match all the possible number sentences to the numbered monsters.

We wrote about the goats, we wrote about the different scenes, we did some free choice writing and we created our own monsters and wrote a sentence to describe them.

We found the hidden numbers and we made lego towers and ordered them by height.

We had to write in the missing words, we practised writing key words, we matched captions to pictures and we read some sentences and had to say if they were true or false.

We also did this:

We made our own bridges, we made chairs, we built with lego and shapes, we made a tall tower, we played a monster match game, we made up our own ‘jelly fish’ game on the maths table, we played the buried treasure phonics game on the computer, we read key words, wrote on the board, made puppets, role-played the story and we made repeating patterns.

Christmas part 2

In literacy, we spoke about what we would like for Christmas.

In phonics, we learnt the new sound ‘x’. We blended words than ended in this sound, we practised writing the sound and we wrote down words containing the sound.

In RE, we looked at when the angel visited the shepherds to deliver the good news that baby Jesus had been born. We spoke about what good news means and we shared some good news that we have experienced in our lives.  We then spoke about free gifts we could give to each other. We were given a present template and we had to write down and draw the free gifts we would give to a friend.

Year 6 joined us for an end of term celebration on Monday afternoon.

This is what we did during our continuous provision:

We painted baubles, made Christmas cards, made patterns with peg boards, role-played using Christmas props, cut out snowmen, played educational games on the computer, wrote down what we wanted for Christmas, we played pin the nose on the snowman and the reindeer, we made words using cups and we built with the magnetic shapes and lego.



Christmas part 1

This week, we had our Nativity show; the children worked really hard during our rehearsals and they were amazing during the final performance – well done Reception!


In literacy, we read the book ‘Dear Santa’, we then helped Santa by writing down some gifts he could buy for the teddy bear. We also wrote down what he could buy for Thomas the class elf.


In maths, we read the book ‘Father Christmas needs a wee’, we found out that he needed a wee because he drank lots of things that were left out for him when he was due to deliver his presents. We then looked at some of the things he drank and added them together. We then wrote down the corresponding number sentences on our white boards.


In phonics, we learnt the new sounds j, v and w and we did lots of blending practice.

We had a Christchurch Christmas day on Friday – we wore Christmas jumpers and we had a lovely church service followed by a Christmas day lunch in the hall.

This is what we did during our continuous provision:


We painted decorations, made Christmas characters, made Christmas trees, printed wrapping paper and decorated woolly hats.

Finger gym:

We wrapped presents, peeled off the labels and stuck on bows, we added baubles to trees and we had to collect the baubles that had fallen into the snow!


We wrote letters to Santa, we cut out and labelled a Christmas dinner (thankfully our Christmas lunch was cooked), we wrote Christmas cards and we wrote on Christmas themed paper.


We used number stamps to add the right numbers to match the items, we had to count the snowmen and peg the right number, we had to add the baubles and write down how many we had altogether.

We also did this:




In literacy this week, we looked at the nativity story. We discussed the setting and main characters. We had some jumbled-up scenes and we had to put them in the right order. We were then given a scene and had to write a sentence to describe it.
In phonics, we recapped some of the phase two sounds we found a bit tricky. We read captions and sentences on the board and we made words using our phoneme fans.

In maths, we looked at ordinal numbers. We played a game with big playing cards and spoke about who came first, second and third etc. We had to put our two cards together on the floor to make a house that would stand up by itself. The first three children to balance their cards won medals and came first, second and third.

In RE, we continued to concentrate on the nativity story. We spoke about our favourite characters in the story and the important part they played.

We had a new member this week…a mysterious elf (who we named Thomas) was found on top of the computer!   He started off being very cheeky so we moved him to amber and even red…but then he started to do some really nice things for us, so we forgave him and wrote letters to thank him. One child made Thomas the elf a swing.


We continued to practise lots for our Nativity performance and we had our dress rehearsal on Friday morning. We are very excited for you to come and see us on Tuesday at 2pm.

This is some of what we did during our continuous provision:

Art: We painted pictures of the Nativity scene, made angels and we made characters from the Nativity story.

Finger Gym:
We made paper chain decorations for our Christmas shop, we picked up stable animals (pom poms) and had to add the right amount to the numbered stables. We pegged and ordered Christmas jumpers. We also traced numbers with cotton buds and paint.

We used the geo-boards to make shapes – one boy even made his name. We had a race with the nativity animals and spoke about where we finished in the race. We played the card game that we played during one of our maths lessons. We also sequenced our days.

We wrote about the characters in the nativity story, we labelled a nativity scene, we wrote about the three wise men and we wrote down wishes on stars.

Phonics: We matched captions to pictures, we practised our letter formation and we wrote words in salt.


We froze berries and natural items during outdoor learning.

We also did this:


It’s okay to be different

In literacy, we read the book ‘It’s Okay to Be Different’ by Todd Parr.

.Week 5

We spoke about the different characters, which ones were our favourites and why, and we then wrote a sentence about our favourite character from the book. We had lots of lovely discussions about why it is okay to be different, how we are different and what we learnt from the book.

In phonics, we learnt three new sounds – ff, ll and ss. We learnt that these sounds never come at the beginning of our words, mainly at the end and sometimes in the middle.

We practised blending words with these sounds, writing words that end with these sounds and reading sentences and captions that contain these sounds.


We looked at the high frequency words: had, him and his. We also used our phoneme fans to recap some of our earlier sounds and to make some cvc words with them. We are going to make some more words next week with a new set of phoneme fans.

In maths, we looked at ordering numbers to ten and then twenty.  We had some numbers that were mixed up and we had to put them in order. We also had a grid with some missing numbers and we had to fill them in. Some of us had to write down the missing numbers on our whiteboards. We then ordered numbered t-shirts to 20 on a washing line.

We had two RE lessons this week, we continued to look at the story of when Angel Gabriel visited Mary and we discovered that an angel also visited Joseph in a dream. We spoke about how Mary and Joseph might have felt about being chosen to be parents of the special baby Jesus, son of God. We spoke about our feelings and what makes us feel happy, sad, surprised and scared etc.

We also learnt about ‘Advent’ and that this is the special time of year for Christians when they prepare for Christmas. We spoke about why it is important to plan and prepare for special times, how we prepare for Christmas and other special times with our families and what our favourite thing about Christmas is. We then traced around our hands and cut them out to make a class Advent wreath for our RE corner.


On Monday, we had our Christmas Crafternoon! We hope you all loved the bauble your child made at our bauble workshop. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and join in with some Christmas crafts – we hope you had as much fun as we did.

This week, we had a visit from the dental team at King’s College, we watched a fantastic puppet show on how to keep our teeth happy and not sad.  Can you remember what makes our teeth happy?

This is some of what we did during our continuous provision:

Art table: We drew portraits of a friend and then wrote down how they were different to us. We drew pictures of ourselves using bright colours, we made our own dojo characters, we decorated an envelope for our advent calendar – we were then given a number at random and will get to open our own envelope on that day. If our day falls on a weekend we get to open it on the Friday before. On Friday, we made ‘Kandinsky’ inspired art.

Literacy table: We described some of the different pages in the book “It’s Okay to Be Different”, we wrote about Christmas Crafternoon, we wrote about our own dojo characters, we wrote about the story of Angel Gabriel visiting Mary and we had our own “It’s Okay to Be Different” books.

Maths table: We made patterns with peg boards, we added dots to number frames, we ordered flowers and we had to peg the missing numbers onto the lolly sticks.

Finger gym: We made pictures using the tap hammer, we made patterns and faces using loose parts and we did some threading.

Phonics tables: We matched uppercase to lowercase letters, we made words with cubes, we traced words in paint bags, we had to roll the dice and the read the words, we wrote down words on our phoneme frames and we matched words to pictures and read them aloud to an adult.

We also did this…






The paper bag Princess

In literacy, we read the story and answered questions about it. We then read some sentences about the story. We described the characters and we wrote down what we would do if we saw a dragon. Unsurprisingly, most children said they would run and hide!


In phonics, we learnt the new sounds l and f. We practised writing these sounds using our big pencil, on our partner’s back and on our boards and we also wrote down words starting with these sounds. We also blended words using our blending arms. We then played key word bingo – the children had to read the key words on the board, write four down on their boards and then mark them off when I read them out. We also made up sentences using these words.

In maths, we looked at addition. We had to find out how many castle bricks and crowns we had altogether. We then had to add the different jewels together and some of us even solved some addition word problems. On Thursday, we all had an addition mat, I rolled the dice twice and we had to add the spots together to find the total. We even wrote down the corresponding number sentences.

In RE, we continued with our unit on why Christmas is special for Christians. This week, we looked at when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary. We spoke about how puzzled and confused Mary felt initially. We then spoke about what makes us feel puzzled. We then acted out the story using stick puppets.

In topic, we looked at some strong brave women who changed the world as Princess Elizabeth in our book was a strong and brave woman. We had to work out what they were famous for from the pictures. We then spoke about what we would like to be when we grow up.

topic 2

For our art topic lesson we spoke about Princess Elizabeth’s paper bag outfit and what we could add or do to make it look prettier. We then went outside to collects sticks and leaves to make our own paper bag outfits.

We also started to practise for the KS1 nativity show which is on Tuesday December 12th; we hope to see you all there.

This is some of what we did during our continuous provision:


We made dragons, crowns and we worked together to decorate our own castle. We also decorated our very own paper bags which will be going home on Monday with all of our lovely work that is in our trays.

Finger gym

We made princess wands, practised our cutting, zipping and tying skills. We also made different things with play dough.


We were introduced to numicon and added cheerios to match the number sentences.


We had to describe the characters in our story, we compared Elizabeth to traditional princesses and we had a selection of jobs to choose from, we cut out what we wanted to be when we grow up and then wrote down why.


We used gems to form cursive letters, we matched words to pictures, we used letter stamps and play dough to make words, we had to read words, build them and then write them.


We had to find two hidden paper bags each that were full of counting objects. We then had to count them all to find out how many we had altogether. We also had to find the hidden words on crowns and read them.

We also did this: